Investing in communities

When you live in one of our homes, you’re a member of a valued community. Last year, we reinvested £1.6 million into creating opportunities for people in our communities to learn, earn, have fun, be healthy, and get support and advice if they need it.

Spaces to connect and relax

From community centres to gardens and play areas, we invest in places where our communities can come together.  And by organising Big Impact Days with local companies, and funding smaller projects that our customers initiate, we help create more beautiful and usable community spaces in our neighbourhoods.

Socialising, fitness and fun

Community activities are important to our residents and neighbours. From Zumba classes to Knit & Natter sessions to gardening groups, there are many to choose from. There are also the community events, like summer BBQs, where people can get to know their neighbours. And events initiated and run by local community groups that we help with funding or a place to meet.

Support during tough times

DOSH (Debts, Overdraft, Savings Help), our Tenancy Sustainment team and our Advice Plus service help people manage money and access financial and other support. Each day they help our customers sign up for Universal Credit, open bank accounts, or find ways to get on top of debts.


"The DOSH mentors were so kind and supportive; helping me complete complicated forms and reassuring me that me and my family would be ok."
Hana, A2Dominion communities  

Help to work, earn and learn

Some of our community investment budget goes towards funding internships and organising job fairs. It’s used to help people get online for the first time, fund a business idea or learn a new skill. To pay for training on how to write a good CV, or towards buying someone a suit for an interview.

Opportunities for young people

Youth clubs and lunch clubs, free tutoring and fun activity sessions are some of the ways we support families and create opportunities for children to play and grow. For those moving on from school we offer bursaries to help them kickstart their careers. 

Working with others

Besides the profit we invested in our communities, we raised another £300,000 last year. By applying for grants and working with other organisations, we strive to make an even greater difference to people in our communities. 


Brian's story

Making sure our older residents aren’t isolated in their homes is just one of the ways we try to make our communities healthier. Brian is one of the regulars at one of our community centres.

I love coming to Sociable Seniors and I couldn’t do Tuesdays without it! It means so much to the community. We have such good fun and meet really lovely people.