Fire safety when you’re at home more

Your home

We understand you might be spending more time in your home than usual at the moment, while we all follow government guidance to stay at home.

Stay at home safely

With your household being busier than usual, you should be even more vigilant and closely follow fire safety advice. Below we’ve put together a list of our top fire safety tips that will keep you safe while you’re staying home to protect our NHS.

Check your smoke alarms

Test your smoke alarms and heat detectors once a week to make sure they’re working properly. To test them you can press and hold down the test button. It can take a few seconds.

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Unplug electrical devices

Make sure you unplug any unnecessary electrical devices before you go to sleep. Not only will this keep you safe, it will save energy and money. Also, if you do have to use extension leads for any reason, make sure you don’t overload them. Overloaded sockets are one of the most common causes of electrical fires.

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Watch your cooking

When you’re making food, make sure you don’t leave it unattended and that any flammable materials such as tea towels are not left near the hob. We all know to do this, but when everyone is home cooking more frequently, it’s even more important.

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Smoking in the house

If you or a member of your household smokes, please ensure that the smoking materials are properly extinguished after use. And remember, smoking outside and away from your home or building is the safer option.

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Burning candles or incense

Make sure that any candles or incenses are put out before leaving the room and are kept away from flammable materials. Better still, try flameless candles. More than 200 fires at home involved candles last year.

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No balcony barbeques

Even in good weather, please resist the temptation to have a barbeque on your balcony. Your balcony is a small and unsafe space for a barbecue, and there is extra risk that smouldering debris will float down to other levels.

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For more information about fire safety in your home please check our help section . You can also read about all aspects of fire safety at home on the London Fire Brigade website.

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