Top 5 smoke alarm tips

Your home

We’ve put together 5 key tips to help you keep your home safer and think about what you should consider when it comes to smoke detectors.

Smoke alarm tips

Five-star tips

  • A single smoke detector is not enough - make sure there is an alarm in multiple rooms in your home. For example, any room where you may smoke or have appliances plugged in.
  • Fit your smoke alarms away from kitchens and bathrooms as the steam can damage or trigger them by mistake.
  • Test your detectors on a monthly basis.
  • Change the batteries twice a year.
  • Fit a heat detector in your kitchen as it will give you a warning of increased temperature caused by a fire but will not be set off by cooking fumes.

Don’t forget that your local fire brigade may be able to come out to assess your home and install detectors for free.

For more information visit the London Fire Brigade website.